TAXI HÖRL    . . . was sonst?

+43 664 41 46 505

What YOU can expect from US! 

WE get YOU to YOUR destination punctually and carefree and WE make every assignment to YOUR satisfaction! It´s important for US to give YOU always the best and fairest service. 

. . . a little luxury for YOU? 

OUR VIP service is exceptionally because WE focus on reliability, discretion and quality. If YOU like, WE can pick YOU up with the luxury Mercedes S-Class and fulfill YOUR VIP wish.  


The easiest way for to contact US!

For small urgent pick-ups, please call US and for larger ones, please send US an  E-mail. WE look forward to hearing from YOU and WE take care about YOUR message as quickly as possible.

TAXI: +43 664 41 46 505

BUS:  +43 664 18 99 999

. . . or just send US an email!